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What I Do and How I Do It

I help leaders and their teams unpack

what they want to achieve,

why they want to achieve it

and most importantly, how they want to achieve it. 


Ultimately, in doing so, I believe that they can further grow their impact.

Specifically, I offer: 

•  Strategic planning on programs, products and initiatives

•  Facilitation of strategy workshops, board retreats and dynamic community gatherings

•  Consulting for leaders, organizations and communities


Design and Facilitation of Yunus Social Business Global's 6 Day Annual Strategy Retreat in Hammamet, Tunisia, December 2014

In working on strategic planning, I draw upon traditional consulting frameworks that use data to make problem-solving recommendations, Business Model Generation to assess and clearly understand the value proposition for all stakeholders in the creation of the programs, services and products the organization offers, and Design Thinking methodology that puts beneficiaries and customers at the forefront of the organization's work.

In facilitating, I pay acute attention to design, with the belief that every interaction is about the invitation to share, the arrangement of the physical space, the configuration of the people and how they are interacting with each other, the distribution of power and participation, and the allocation of time to each interaction.

I draw upon Liberating Structures and Emergent Strategy principles that focus on inclusivity and interactive engagement, and deep respect for individuals and their proposed solutions, all while being focused on building understanding amongst participants. 


Design and Facilitation of King County's Perinatal Collaborative, as hosted by The Maternal Coalition, in Seattle, Washington

 July 2019

My professional, academic and personal experiences have granted me privilege and access in certain spaces.

I have also sometimes been treated differently based on my gender, race and religion.

I am thus acutely sensitive to how 'othering,' privilege and power dynamics can affect individuals, their teams and their organizations - and I am committed to unpacking and addressing this phenomena in the work I do.

I believe that paying attention to these multiple elements allow for a richer conversation where all voices have the opportunity to be heard and included. In doing so, they can develop a collective vision and clear next action steps - ultimately helping their organization's impact grow.

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DSC_9878 (2).JPG

Design and Facilitation for North Central Washington's ACH's Behavioral Health System

in collaboration with Maggie Chumbley of Lead Groups Better, in Wenatchee, Washington

February 2022

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