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What you pay attention to grows.

-adrienne maree brown, Emergent Strategy

Facilitation | Strategy Consulting

Design and facilitation of 

strategic planning workshops, board retreats and dynamic gatherings,

 with a focus on creating belonging and inclusivity in how leadership teams meet.



I am a Seattle-based facilitator and strategy consultant with close to 20 years of experience at social enterprises, non-profits and venture philanthropy organizations. 

As a facilitator, I design spaces for participants to meaningfully engage in a way that all voices have the opportunity to be heard and included.

As a strategy consultant, I specialize in working closely with leaders of organizations to unpack what they want to achieve, why they want to achieve it, and most importantly, how they can work together as a team to do so.  

In my approach to leading, consulting and facilitation, I use a combination of Liberating Structures, Emergent Strategy and Design Thinking.



Are you looking for a thought partner for your strategic planning process?

Or a facilitator to design a workshop or retreat?

Or a co-facilitator to implement the design of a dynamic gathering?

Get in touch! I'd love to work with you and grow your impact.

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